Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Nana Report

After coming home from the hospital a few weeks ago, mom saw her oncologist and they decided on a low dose, weekly dose of chemo, instead of the high-powered dose every 3 weeks in cycle. So far, she's having a much easier time of it with Paxotere, this new chemo drug.

The newest hitch is that she found a lump in her breast last week. Yeah, crazy isn't it? Why can't my mom get some breaks??? On Tuesday of this week she went for a mammogram so we're hoping to hear back from that pretty quickly. Prayerfully it will just be a glad that is swollen or irritated, and NOT more malignancy.

One highlight to her week is that over the weekend my brother came up to visit with his 4 children. They stayed with mom and dad which is pretty rare and was a huge treat for mom and dad. Generally they say with my brother's ILs but his wife stayed behind for some job training so they got to stay with Nana and Papaw this trip. It was a delightful visit and mom was all a-buzz about the kiddos.

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Shelley said...

I hope your mom gets some good news with regard to her mammogram. I've sent up a prayer for her.