Friday, September 08, 2006

My Shower with the Cowboy

Ever feel like you're not alone? I always do. Moms are very rarely alone. But every weekday morning during Abi's nap I desperately try to work in a quick shower so that the flies are not drawn to me when I head out for playdates or errands.

Today was one of those days. I did managed to have an express shower (moms, you know what I mean by express shower) before Abi woke up. While washing my hair I looked down to find I was not alone. Cowboy Woody was laying in the tub watching me. As well as his friends, 3 alligators, 2 frogs, a whole school of rubber fish and the entire alphabet of foamy letters. Well, all but K, and K was down in the kitchen after being discarded there by one of the kids.

I love all these little things that having children in the house brings. Sure we live in a state of constant clutter and messes. But they are only small once. These are
Signs Of Life as Stephen Curtis Chapman would say when he sings about crayons rolling around on the floorboard of his car, outerspace men sitting in his chair and bats and balls all over his yard.

Yesterday on the phone my mom said, "Wendy, I can really tell that you love staying home with your children." Yeah, mom, I do. I love it more than I've ever loved anything else in my life. I am so blessed. I'll take my shower with a cowboy any old day. And be happier because of it!


Rachel said...

I really loved this! Mind if I link to you?

Wen said...

I don't mind at all :) Thanks for reading!!

bragginmommy said...

Just found your blog and I LOVE this post. You are talking the truth here, girl!

I LOVE being an at-hom mommy!!!