Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Headed to PreSchool

Like Daddy
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Here's the boy this morning, all dressed "like daddy" and ready to go to school. He's so enthusiastic about school this year. He loves everything about it. Today he wanted me to tuck in his shirt "like daddy." I must admit, with the shirt in and his new hiking style sneaks on, he DOES look even more like daddy than usual. He's just getting so big.

Snail PuzzleAndrew is very much into kid arts now, and making all sorts of fun things. In his first week, last Wednesday, he brought home this snail puzzle he's made. He's finally, at almost 4, starting to fancy coloring and creating. And he's getting pretty good with the scissors now too, as you can see from his cuttings in this puzzle. We are loving all the creativity!

Along for the rideAnd here is little sis, Abi! Along for the ride on big brother's walk to PreSchool this morning. She loves her stroller... so impatient once I open it up. She likes roaming around Manheim just as much as her mama!


Chastity said...

I can't believe how grown the kids are getting! I definitely agree that Andrew looks just like a little version of Don. I hope Andrew had a wonderful first day of school! Be sure to update about it soon!

Anonymous said...

Ace is way to cool for school!! He is so handsome. I love the shoe's. Abi reminds me so much of Meghan. Beautiful kids, Wen. Mwah! Love, K