Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Can't Be Still!

Can't Be Still!
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I got the shoulders seamed up, using the kitchener stitch. I'm pleased with how that went. I had already bound them off as per the pattern but realized a whip stitch would make it look cruddy, so I un-bound them, then used the kitchener. That worked.

I guess it fits... not that this wiggle worm would let me see for more than a micro second. The length is good, and its nice and roomy for clothing underneath.


Anonymous said...

Great job Wen! It's looking great! I so want to learn! K

Margie said...

Wen, that lookes fantastic! I'm glad you used the kitchener... you won't even see the seam!

hechtrov said...

What a character! That is funny! Looks great.