Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sweet Patricia - Calling For Prayers

Me and Patricia in 2004
during a trip to Philadelphia

One of my girlfriends has just been diagnosed with cancer. It seems the walls are falling down around me some days. Arrrgh! I could just swear. My mom, and now one of my strongest and dearest girlfriends has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. She had an ultrasound yesterday because of some pain in her back. It showed a mass so they did a CT. She has a cancerous 8cm tumor in one of her kidneys.

Patricia and I met online when we were pregnant in 2002. She has a 3 year old, Ava, and a 4 year old, Leo. Can you imagine facing cancer treatments with two preschoolers? Mind boggling. I've met her in person twice, spending girls weekends together with other girls who have October '02 babies. She is a tremendous source of strength for me. I only pray I can return the favor to her now.

No prognosis yet, she'll have lots of diagnostics going on over the next week. We would appreciate your prayers!


Anonymous said...

I feel those walls, too, Wen. I'm just glad we all have each other to get through this.

Love to P and love to you.


Anonymous said...

Those walls are closing in around me too. I just cannot believe it. P and your mom Wen are in my prayers every second of everyday. I am so thankful for all of us 2002 moms to help each other through all of this. So much love to you and to P.

Love, Kristi

Jules said...

I ditto what Melissa & Kristi said. Love to P and love to you, Wen.

v said...

Wen, I feel the same way, it's like something has crashed and will not be the same in me until I know she's better.

Thinking of her and your mommy, lotsa prayers too.


Patricia said...

Thank you my dear, sweet, wonderful, awesome, loving friend.

I love you! P