Saturday, November 19, 2005

38 ounces

38ouncesGrowth spurt?
I don't know. But whoa!... we're going to have to take out a loan to feed this chubba wubba! I remember one day Mary Grace took about 40 ounces around this age as we were approaching the time to start cereal. I wasn't eager to start with Abi, but baby cereal is way cheaper than formula!! LOL (OK, H is going to nail me on that!)

I'm so eager to see what Abi weighs. She has her 4m check up next week so we'll see. Of course that means more bad old shots. Ugh, I hate the first year and all the poking. She had a rough go at 2m with the shots. I'm praying it won't be so traumatic this time.


hechtrov said...

LOL! I'm not saying a word sweetie! Love ya!

Addie said...

But all that baby chub is so CUTE!!! We're going through the same stuff at our house with our little buddha baby. It's kinda sad how quick they get to this point, huh?! Any way Abi's a cutie pie.

Jules said...

Could she be anymore precious, Wen. Oh, she does my heart good!

Robin said...

I really miss those sweet days of baby sleep. She is precious.