Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Its Snowing!

Its early, and just a little dusting. But it is enough to intrigue Andrew about what winter will bring. We were just peering out the front window and had a long discussion about what snow is and why this snow is not covering the grass. He's so excited for winter to come and bring "wots and wots of snow!"

I've also just been informed that he wants Spiderman snowboots. Now there is an idea for Santa Claus!


Anonymous said...


Riley is like Ace too. He is pacing the floors waiting for the snow. Oh, and we got the coolest Spiderman boots at Kohls. They even light up! So awesome as Riley would say.


hechtrov said...

Isn't it so exciting! I love watching the girls faces when they see the flurries coming down.

Stephanie said...

You're so lucky. It doesn't snow much where I live so I will live vicariously through you! Maybe we'll get some more this year! I hope.

Robin said...

Snow is someting we don't get often in Dallas. Once a year if we are lucky. Send me some Fedex, would ya? ;)

PS--I've been out of touch for a while. Why did you start the comment moderation?