Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Somebody Turned 6 Today!

Blowing Out The Candles
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It's hard to even say it out loud. Andrew is 6.

Andrew had a lovely Ocean Animals party over the weekend with our closest friends and family. The weather, after sweating the predicted cold temps for a week or more, turned out just lovely... super sunny and 62. I couldn't have asked for a better fall day.

The kids all played so well and got along great, even though many of them had never met. Birthday parties are interesting as your child gets older. We have kindergarten friends now, plus the preschool friends from the last few years... all mixed in with playgroup friends we've known for as long as 6 years. But kids are still just kids... willing to play with anyone who will grab a hand. I was lovely.

Today we're sending in special snacks to school, spider cookies, as they are studying spiders this week. And a goodie of chocolate popcorn with spider rings inside. Andrew loved helping make them!

Ahhh, my boy is 6 now. That seems SO old to me. He's the same age Mary Grace was, when he was born. Time truly flies.

Andrew's Special Snack Chocolate Spider Popcorn


Danielle said...

happy birthday andrew!!!!

Chastity G. said...

Happy birthday, Andrew!