Saturday, December 08, 2007

45 lbs! Merry Christmas, Mom!

45 lbs down
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This is the first time I've allowed a full length picture of me to be seen in years. Maybe a couple decades even.

Mom always worried about my weight and though she didn't nag me, she did say she wanted me to try to get healthier for the children... to be around for them.
Merry Christmas, Mom! This is for you just as much as it is for myself, and my children.


Anonymous said...

Looking good girl, keep it up, i'm do proud. dad

KnitTurtle said...

AAGGGGHHHH!!!!! Awesome!!!! OMG!!! 45 pounds!!! Holy crap-that is just incredible!! I am so proud of you! YOU are the proof that it can be done. You go girl!

Dani said...

wen i'm crying happy tears for you! :)

Mandy Jo said...

You look absolutley terrific! I am very proud of you.