Friday, October 19, 2007

Papaw and Nayna Visit

Papaw Nayna Abigayle
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We've had a great week of family time. Dad and Dana made a trip to see fall foliage and grand babies! They drove the length (south to north) of West Virginia and caught the leaves through the senic passes in peak. They also made a trek up into NY state, to the town of Oxford, to do some poking around and look for some info on dad's ancestors. Then they came down to our house and visited for 3 days. We enjoyed them for dinner on Sunday night, then all day Monday and most of the day Tuesday.

Dana has fallen in LOVE with Roots. They went home with the car packed full of goodies. But not straight home! When I spoke to them on Thursday morning, they had taken the Blue Ridge Parkway for more than 250 miles of sight seeing on Wednesday and were on their way to Gatlinburg, TN... and weren't sure when they might make it back to Alabama, or where they might stop on the way!!

I'm so glad they came. It gave Don and Andrew a chance to meet our new grandmother, as dad remarried this summer. And we are all truly in love with Nayna (Dana). What a wonderful woman. I'm not sure how my dad managed to have someone as wonderful as my mother love him for 42 years and now after her passing, find another woman that is so kind and generous. Most people don't find that even once in a whole lifetime. He's a very blessed, and pretty special, guy.

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