Sunday, March 11, 2007


Since moving to Lancaster County PA over 7 years ago I've always wanted to pay a visit to the Wilbur Chocolate Factory Museum and Store. So after our plans for a second annual trip to see friends in Montreal came to a screeching halt, we decided to console ourselves with some chocolate.

The Candy Americana Museum is pretty small in scale but by no means is it a lightweight or low in calorie. There are 3 rooms full of delicious memorabilia from all kinds of candy made in America over the years. The walls are lined with tins that once held cocoa, hard and soft candies and chocolates. I've never seen so many different kinds of chocolate molds, there must be over 100 chocolate Easter Bunny molds alone. They even have a collection of fine china chocolate pots with cups and saucers to match.

Don's favorite discoveries there were equipement used for all aspects of candy making. From a cocoa bean mill for grinding up the beans to a candy crimper used for making ribbon candies. He has a love for iron parts of pretty much any kind of machine, having been a moulder at a local iron foundry for several years before we met.

Andrew finished up our visit by picking out a chocolate airplane on a stick, which he devoured at home after dinner last night. What a fun day, you can view all our pictures by clicking on the one above...

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