Friday, July 07, 2006

Nana News

After several months of rocking along rather nicely, mom had some bad news yesterday.

About a month ago she has a second
pleurodesis done after being admitted to the hospital for the procedure. It went very well and she was only in the hospital for 4 days. Her chest xrays since then have been promising, with no changes. Meaning the fluid didn't seem to be building back up.

Last week, after a few weeks of feeling a bit blue, she contacted the oncologists office for some tests and they sent her in for some bloodwork, including a
CA125, the marker for ovarian cells within your body. The last test just over a month ago, brought back the results of 68. But last week's test revealed an elevated number of 331.

We are all crushed with this news. You can imagine the range of emotions mom is dealing with. And there is just no outlet for her. Other than tears. And they just don't wash this away.

Please continue to pray for my sweet mama. We expect another round of tests, including a CT to look into the cause of the elevation. Its been since March that she's had any chemotherapy. Pray for her strength to find out what the next step of this year long battle will be. Pray for healing and comfort. Just please pray.

One bright note, which I'm so thankful for... a good friend called yesterday to offer them a trip to the Alabama coast, starting this weekend. They are going to gladly take them up on their offer. Pray that they can squeeze it in between the tests and what not. Mom REALLY needs to get her toes in the sugar white sands of
Gulf Shores. I wish I could lay on the beach with her and drink frozen daiquiris.


Margie said...

I'll be thinking of your Mom. I thought she was getting a break... poor thing!

Jessica said...

Wen and family... I am so sorry to hear of this new development. Your mom will be in our prayers.

Addie said...

Wen - I know this news is heartbreaking, and exhausting. You, your mom and the whole family are in my prayers!

Rachel Lawrence said...

Wen your whole family is always in my prayers. Please know that God has this in his hands, and even though it's not going the way we were all hoping for, there is truely a reason. I love you!

Thomas Watt said...

Wendy, I have been keeping you and of course Gayle & Wade in my prayers through all this. I hope the trip to Gulfshores happened without a hitch... I seem to remember she always enjoyed the ocean.
Prayer and faith are the only two real instruments in life, it sometimes seems.
I do remember something told me by a friend... just remember that the doctors are like the mechanics that work on your car, and that they're not the Maker. The mechanics can fiddle with the parts, but only the Maker creates the parts. Keep the prayers going, and hang in there.