Sunday, December 04, 2005

A tub full of baby

tubfull5Both Andrew and Abi had checkups this week with the doctor. Both are doing super, growing in to healthy and happy children. Abi is out pacing Andrew, however. At 4 months, she weighs 17 lbs, 5 oz. She received 3 shots unfortunately. But she handled them like a champ! The doctor said she is beautiful and perfect. He knows just what to tell a mama! Hehee! Click to enlarge and see more.

At 3 years, Andrew is 30 lbs. He is 28 inches tall. The doctor says he had the healthiest body type... long and lean. He's not worried about Andrew's picky eating habits. He says its normal and just fine. His eating will blossom when he's ready. Andrew was hysterical at the appointment. We'd gotten new sneakers the day before, Converse All-Stars. He made sure the nurse saw his "cool shoes." And when the doctor had been in the room chatting with us a bit, and not started the exam, he said, "hey, you have to check me!" He was ready long before Dr. Luken was. What a ham.


Addie said...

How cute! I have almost the exact same bath time pose of my itty bitty. Sounds like they're both pretty healthy too. I forgot Layla's 4 month check-up in the midst of moving so when we went at 5 mos., she was just under 19 lbs. I Love those baby legs!!! I'm always just a bit sad as they grow and their cute little baby rolls go away.

Anyway, she's a cutie.

Stephanie said...

I have pictures of my baby that look just exactly like that! I love them with all the rolls (and chins)...